Our Services

Here at Home Owners Mazatlan we take your needs & wants very seriously. You can count on us to provide you with fast and accurate servicing for you and your community.


  • Managing the various maintenance services required for keeping your condominium up and running
  • Upholding the CC&R of your HOA community with no hassle
  • Working with you & your community with any problems you may have
  • The general management of your condominium in order to allow you to enjoy your stay in Mazatlan
  • Assisting with with legal matters big and small with the law firm Peyton & Associates
  • Convening extraordinary or annual general meeting
  • Keeping owners informed on current affairs in the community
  • Providing an open forum for residents to discuss any concerns that may arise at the residential community or to give general information concerning the property


  • Homeowners’ fee collection and bank deposits
  • Assisting with preparation of annual Budget
  • Preparing of monthly operation reports and Balance Sheet (Online)
  • Website design & maintenance
  • Preparing a separate accounting statement for each owner
  • Processing and handling of delinquencies
  • Revising invoices and processing for payment

Other Services:

  • Obtaining competitive bids for services as requested by the Surveillance Committee
  • Supervising contractors hired by the association
  • Regular inspection of the residential community
  • 24-hour availability/on-call